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Attorney Sotera L. Anderson Helps Nissan Owners Who Bought Lemons Obtain Relief

When you went to the dealer to pick out a Nissan, you probably thought you were buying a quality car that would last for years. Unfortunately, if you’ve found this website about lemon law cars, there is a good chance that your Nissan turned out to have significant problems—and likely problems that were never adequately fixed. These vehicles can cause extreme disruption to your life, not only because you are without a car, but because you have to deal with the hassle of taking it to the dealer over and over again for repairs. It might be time to face the facts: making us of the California lemon law might be in your future. 

If you’ve found yourself in this situation with your Nissan vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. Sotera L. Anderson is a California lemon law attorney who is committed to representing consumers who purchased vehicles that turned out to be lemons. If you have a valid claim, Ms. Anderson will fight for a refund or a replacement vehicle on your behalf—all at no cost to you. To schedule your free consultation with a lemon lawy lawyer, call our office today at 1-855-96-LEMON or contact us online.

Known Problems With Nissan Vehicles

While any Nissan may turn out to be a lemon, some models have more known issues than others. Some Nissan vehicles that have given consumers issues include:

2012-2015 Nissan vehicles—Altima, Murano, Pathfinder, Rogue, Sentra, Versa

Owners of these vehicles are complaining that their vehicles have transmission problems. Symptoms include, but may not be limited to: hesitation, shudder, vibrations, shaking, loss of power, the “check engine light,” and “CVT error.”

If you brought your vehicle to the shop multiple times for these concerns, contact us and we will let you know if your vehicle’s history might qualify under the lemon law.

2013-2106 Nissan Altima and Sentra—CVT Transmission Problems

Owners have reported significant problems with the transmission in 2013 to 2016 Nissan Altima and Sentra models. In some cases, these issues have required owners to pay several thousands of dollars to completely replace their transmissions. If you experienced these or similar problems with your Nissan vehicle, call a lemon law attorney as soon as you can.

California’s Lemon Law: The Basics

How does the lemon law work? California’s lemon law is a consumer protection law that allows people who have purchased cares with significant problems to obtain a refund or a replacement vehicle if the manufacturer is not able to fix the problems within a reasonable number of attempts. The law covers, SUVs, cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes, and other vehicles.

Whether a particular vehicle is covered under the lemon law is a complicated question, so anyone who suspects that they are entitled to relief should contact an attorney for a free consultation as soon as possible. Any delay could jeopardize your ability to obtain a refund or replacement vehicle, so you should call an attorney as soon as you can.

How to Choose the Right Attorney for Your Nissan Lemon Law Claim

California’s lemon law is extremely complicated, and an attorney often requires years of experience practicing in this area to effectively represent clients with lemons. For this reason, if you believe you have a claim, you should take the time to find an experienced lawyer with a track record of success in this area of law.

Fortunately, the vast majority of lemon law lawyers offer free consultations, so you can meet with as many as you would like before making a decision about who you want to represent you. Questions you should ask in your first meeting with a lemon law attorney include:

  • Have you taken a lemon law case to trial?
  • Have you conducted depositions related to a lemon law claim?
  • How long have you practiced in the area of lemon law and consumer protection?
  • If I retain you, will I communicate with you, another attorney, or a member of your staff?
  • Will you hand my case off to a paralegal or associate attorney?

In addition, always ask how much an attorney plans to charge you in fees—because lemon law representation should be completely free. Lawyers typically take lemon law cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that the attorney will only collect legal fees if he or she obtains compensation on the client’s behalf. As a result, if your case does not resolve in your favor, you will not owe anything in legal fees.

If, however, your case is resolved favorably, your attorney will collect legal fees—but California’s lemon law provides that manufacturers are required to cover a successful claimant’s fees and costs. As a result, you should not have to pay anything to hire a lemon law lawyer to represent you in your lemon law claim—so there is absolutely no reason not to retain an attorney today. If the lawyer you speak with says they are going to take a portion of your refund—run!

An attorney will significantly increase your chances of obtaining a refund or replacement vehicle and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a trained legal professional is handling your case. You’ve already spent enough time dealing with your lemon—let an experienced attorney handle the rest.

Think Your Nissan is a Lemon? Call Us Today to Schedule a Free Consultation with a California Lemon Law Attorney

If you have purchased or leased a Nissan that was under warranty and experienced significant problems, contact a lawyer as soon as you can. Sotera L. Anderson is committed to helping consumers obtain relief under California’s lemon law and works hard to resolve cases favorably and quickly. Before she started her own practice to help improve the lives of consumers, Ms. Anderson worked as an attorney for car dealers and manufacturers defending lemon law claims. This experience gives her significant insights into how the other side thinks, allowing her to anticipate the other side’s arguments and neutralize them before they make them.

Ms. Anderson handles all of her cases personally, and never hands them off to a paralegal, assistant, or inexperienced associate attorney. To schedule your free consultation with Ms. Anderson, call her office today at 1-855-96-(LEMON) or send her an email through her online contact form.