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In May 2018, Jeep (Chrysler, FCA) issued several safety recalls, only two of which are identified here.  If you’d like to learn whether there are any open recalls for your vehicle, please visit the NHTSA website.

2018 Jeep Cherokee – Fuel Leaks

Some 2018 Jeep Cherokee vehicles were built with a fuel tube that might leak fuel into the engine compartment.  A fuel leak combined with an ignition source increases the chances of a fire.  To learn more, visit NHTSA 18V282

2018 Jeep Compass – Lower Control Arm Separation

Some 2018 Jeep Compass vehicle may also have issues.  Some of these vehicles have front lower control arms that may have been incorrectly welded which may cause them to separate.  If they separate, the operator can lose control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.  To learn more, visit NHTSA 18V279

If your vehicle is one that might be affects by these recalls, Jeep should be sending you a notice.  Regardless of whether you receive a notice or not, you check out out the NHTSA website and run your VIN.  You can also visit a Jeep dealer and have them take a look at your vehicle.

Be safe out there!