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The following important recalls have recently been issued that may affect safety if not repaired:

Aston Martin V8 Vantage (2011-2012) –incorrect clutch software can cause the transmission to shift into neutral or not operate as intended (NHTSA 17v389)

Aston Martin V8 Vantage (2011-2014) –transmission hydraulic fluid leak can prevent the vehicle from shifting out of gear and can also cause the vehicle to shift into emergency neutral which may result in the vehicle rolling away (NHTSA 17v390 and 17v391)

BMW M760LI (2017-2018) – incorrect engine cooler oil line installed and if oil leaks onto the front brake discs, there will be a greater distance required to stop the vehicle (NHTSA 17v377)

Chevrolet SS (2014-2016) loss of electric power steering assist (NHTSA 17v382)

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (2017) – power inverter module failure due to overvoltage causing the vehicle to suddenly not be drivable (NHTSA 17v371)

Dodge Grand Caravan (2011-2012) – inadvertent / unexpectedly deployment of driver’s frontal air bag due to chafed wire (NHTSA 17v376)

Ford Escape (2016) driver’s knee air bag may not inflate (NHTSA 17v398)

Honda Odyssey (2018) third row center seat belt may not latch (NHTSA 17v397)

Porsche Cayenne (2011) and Panamera (2011-2012) – Camshaft controllers may loosen and fail causing the engine to stall (NHTSA 17v368)

Volkswagen Audi Q3 (2016-2017) – crash avoidance parking brake: a vehicle approaching from behind may not have any warning that your vehicle is stopping (NHTSA 17v400)