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Let A Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney Decide If You Have A Case

Some people will read the California lemon law and decide that they don’t have a case. They’ll take a look at the list of criteria that make up a lemon and decide that they don’t need the help of a Los Angeles lemon lawyer. The fact is, many people give up too early...

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Even The Best Makes and Models Can Produce Lemons

Let’s say you have a luxury car, one that everyone knows is top-quality and constantly gets the highest marks in Consumer Reports. For the sake of this argument, let’s say that you bought a Lexus. In fact, you specifically purchased a new car from that particular...

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When Should You Contact A California Lemon Law Attorney?

There are few more exciting times than when you bring home a new car. You get to show it off to your friends, enjoy a clean interior, and take advantage of all the bell and whistles. Plus, you really can’t deny the wonders of that new car smell! So as uplifting as...

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What Can You Expect From A California Lemon Law Settlement?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the California lemon law (technically known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) is quite complex. It would be nice if it were as simple as “manufacturers shall make everything right immediately,” but, as a piece of...

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GM Issues Safety Recall – Several Models Affected

GM Issues Recall That Affects Several Models – Fuel Pump Flange Weld May Fracture Are you the owner of one of the following GM vehicles: 2018 Buick Lacrosse 2018 Cadillac ATS 2018 Chevrolet Colorado, Equinox, Malibu 2018 GMC Acadia, Canyon, Terrain If so, then you...

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Lemon Law Deadlines – Don’t Delay

One of the first things people say to me when they find out that I am a lemon law attorney is that they did not even know there was a real lemon law.  Sure, they heard of people refer to defective cars as lemons, but they did not know that people had rights under the...

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VW (Audi) Issues Recall – Coolant Pump Problems

Volkswagen Issues Recall – Coolant Pump May Overheat or Short-Circuit 2013-2017 Audi A5 and Q5; 2012-2015 Audi A6; 2013-2016 Audi A4 In April 2018, Volkswagen issued a safety recall for the above Audi vehicles.  Some of these vehicles were built with an electric...

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