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California’s lemon laws are essentially breach of warranty laws.  The concerns you experience with your vehicle must begin during the warranty period and you must give the manufacturer (or dealer) a reasonable number of opportunities to repair the concern within the warranty period.

Some people ask if there are ways to extend the warranty period.  Yes, there are:

(1) The manufacturer can extend the warranty.  This usually happens when the manufacturer acknowledges some effects with a component.  For instance, if the clutch in the transmission is defective, the manufacturer may extend the warranty just for the clutch components.

(2) The factory warranty is also extended for the number of days that a vehicle has been at the dealer undergoing repairs under warranty. (Cal. Civ. Code, section 1793.1(a)(2).)

(3) The factory warranty is also extended if the repairs did not fully resolve the defect and you notify the manufacturer within 60 days of the repair. (Cal. Civ. Code, section 1793.1(a)(2).)