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There are few more exciting times than when you bring home a new car. You get to show it off to your friends, enjoy a clean interior, and take advantage of all the bell and whistles. Plus, you really can’t deny the wonders of that new car smell!

So as uplifting as taking home a new car can be, it can be devastating when your vehicle has problems that prevent you from driving it. Even worse, you might experience the same problem again. Is your car a lemon? Is it time to call a California lemon law attorney?

If you live in California, you’ve probably heard about the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, also known as the lemon law, that protects consumers. You might also know that working with a California lemon law attorney can be cost-free, since the law allows a consumer to claim fees and costs for their legal help with the matter from the manufacturer.

But when should you seek out help from a Los Angeles or San Diego lemon law lawyer like The Law Offices of Sotera L. Anderson? Here are some suggestions.

If You Take Your Vehicle In Twice For The Same Problem

In general, a dealership has four chances to fix the same problem under warranty on the vehicle before it is considered a lemon. But when you’re back into the shop for that problem for just the second time, you’ll almost certainly know that something is up. It’s at this point that you should seek a free consultation from a California lemon law attorney. If you consult them early and then find out that you do have a lemon, you’ll have the introductions out of the way and can get straight to filling out the necessary paperwork. An attorney will be able to let you know the steps you should be taking, such as what to document and which receipts to keep.

Contacting a California lemon law attorney is also a good way to find out more about your particular vehicle. Is it a known lemon? Are other people also having the exact same problems that you are and receiving no relief even after repairs? Lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles and San Diego deal with these problems every day, so we know which vehicles are causing people the most pain.

If You Read About Your Vehicle Being A Lemon

While few people are aware of lemon cars before the attorneys who deal with them, some cars have been around enough to get a reputation for being particularly sour. After the second time your car is in the shop for the same problem, you’ll probably start Googling it to find out if others are having the same repairs made. Many people just start out with a search like “is the 2016 XXXXX a lemon?” or “XXXXX transmission issues.” If your vehicle is a known lemon, you should probably go ahead and contact a California lemon law attorney.

If Your Vehicle Is Taking Too Long In The Shop

When some people have a problem go wrong with a new vehicle, they immediately think that they have a lemon. But in truth, many vehicles have problems that creep up under warranty, and as long as the dealership is able to fix it within a certain number of times (typically two, maybe three), the vehicle may not considered to be a lemon, but it depends on the issue.

But there’s also a time measurement that is considered. If a vehicle spends more than 30 days (cumulatively, not necessarily all in a row) in the shop during the first 18,000 miles or 18 months, then it could be a lemon. If your vehicle has been in the shop for a total of 20 or more and it’s going in again, it’s probably a good idea to get the lines of communication open with a lemon law attorney in Los Angeles or San Diego.

If There Is A Safety Concern

Some warranty issues are minor inconveniences, like if the dome lights won’t come on. Some are considerably more problematic, like if something is wrong with the fuel pump and you get stuck by the side of the road. But there are some that are so bad that there is a safety concern with the vehicle that could lead to injury or death.

If your vehicle falls into this category, we’d advise you to contact a California lemon law lawyer right away, especially after the second repair visit. Safety isn’t something that should be trifled with, and moving forward with your claim could get you a replacement vehicle sooner.

Don’t Delay Calling A Lemon Law Lawyer!

You’ve probably noticed that we’re advising you to contact a lemon law attorney sooner rather than later. Doing so can not only help things go faster on your end, but it can also help the entire lemon law community create a better picture of what is going wrong with certain vehicles.. Get the process started by clicking here!